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Signs It May Be Time to Consider Coastal Breeze Assisted Living for You or a Loved One.

There comes a time in life when living on your own can prove to be increasingly challenging and potentially unsafe. As we age, a lot goes into maintaining optimal health. Managing medications, meals, and general self-care, can become difficult. Making the decision is hard, but Coastal Breeze makes the transition easy.

Some questions to ask yourself in this situation are:

Is your loved one’s personal care needs more than what you can provide?

Fortunately for residents and families in San Diego to Del Mar, assisted living gives great peace of mind. With Coastal Breeze you and your loved one benefit from 24-hour on-call staff presence as well as transportation to doctor’s appointments.

Have you mismanaged medications?

When aging, certain medications may be needed to maintain health. While some of these medications may be straight forward others need serious regulation to ensure proper dosage so that you don’t run into harmful medication interactions.

Do you or will you have dietary restrictions?

Certain medications have dietary restrictions/requirements. This can be hard to manage for both you and your loved one. Coastal Breeze provides Senior meal plans as part of their assisted living services. These meals are well balanced and made on location, taking the stress and worry out of mealtime. Additionally, licensed elderly care providers are on staff to monitor and respond to changes in diet/medication.

Has quality of life declined in the past couple of months?

It can become isolating to live independently. Whether it’s the from the decreased social interaction or the loss of a partner, feelings of loneliness and/or isolation aren’t conducive to a healthy mindset and in turn physical health. A strong benefit of Assisted Living at Coastal Breeze is the positive continuation of community and lifestyle conditions after entering assisted living/memory care facilities. While still offering private rooms, there are scheduled activities ranging from museums and parks to live music. All of this leads to increased general well-being for the families and residents. Keep Coastal Breeze at the forefront of your list when considering the transition to assisted living in southern California.

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